Monday, September 7, 2020

September 4th - Middle School Student

Students at HBRMS compare the
start of the 2020-2021 school year to previous years

As I start my 17th year in the district it continues to be an honor to work for and with all the parents, community members, staff, and teachers throughout district during these unique times.  With 20-21 being probably the most challenging year to date, the staff are working to have a safe and productive return to school. We continue to work with the 20-21 Learning Plan Guiding Principles. Making our student, staff, and community safety priority number 1, making Social-emotional health of students and staff priority number 2 and Academic growth and achievement priority number 3.   We understand it is not perfect, but we are working every day to make the school year a success for our students learning either in-person or remote.

Mr. Strouss meeting with 6th grade students prior to entering school on August 19th

Please if you have any question feel free to contact our office. 630-556-4190

Jeff Strouss, HBRMS Principal   

PS....Enjoy reading the journaling activity that the 7th grade students in Mr. Jourdan's class shared as part of the prompt: It is a natural behavior to enter a strange room and compare and contrast that room with familiar people and familiar objects.  Please craft 2-3 sentences that share specific examples that were similar and different from your usual first day of school.

PPS...Check out the message from Mrs. Sartori at the end of the blog. 

Colden S.

The differences between the first day of school this year and last year are easy to point out. This year you must wear a mask and last year you could breathe in the fresh air that would cycle through the opened windows. Also, you must keep your distance from people this year to stay safe.

Austin K.

On the first day of second grade everyone was cramped together trying to see everyone and see friends that they have not seen all summer, but now is the beginning of 7th grade and no one.  It is like our world has changed overnight because of Covid and everyone is trying their hardest to hang out with their friends, but they must stay 6 ft apart.

Luke B.

One thing that was familiar from last year and this year was seeing friends and all my favorite teachers. Also, one thing that was similar was coming into the classroom and getting ready for the day to start. One thing that was different was having to social distancing from my friends and wear a mask.

Elizabeth S. 

This first day of school was a lot different than all the ones before this, this year not everyone was there, and everyone was wearing masks and we had to distance ourselves. We also do not get to see everyone as usual everything is super quiet in comparison of last year. Sadly, it’s not the same and most of us miss school as we once knew it.

7th grade students working on their prompt

Caroline S.

A usual first day of school you would see people hugging and talking and laughing, this year every time we go to say hi to a friend we have to think about social distancing and make sure you are at least 6 feet. That is what we are hearing from the staff to keep everyone safe. 

David A. 

The differences I saw right from the beginning was that everyone was not close together being happy and communicating. Everyone was six feet apart and not as talkative with their masks on. Not only that but it was hard talking to friends you may not have seen all summer.

Nathan S.

On a first glance, a lot was different.  Desks were moved and some painting was done, but the same feel of the school remained.  Teachers had not changed classrooms for the most part and I did not have any teachers I had not met last year.

Austin K. 

Everyone is wearing a mask and where 6 feet apart. Everything was moved and there was so much room. There was also no teacher which surprised me until I saw my LA teacher’s face projected on the board.

Isabella H.

Usually, when we first start school its bright and more welcoming and we have more stuff to share with others. Now when we come its feels darker because we want to hang out with friends but cannot because of our new school life such as masks, hand sanitizer, and social distance from others. Hopefully, that will change once everything settles down.

Delilah B.

Usually, I walk up to school seeing bright smiles and people with new backpacks and meeting their new teachers. This year I walked up to school not being able to see bright smiles due to the masks, people meeting their new teachers but having to stay six feet apart was also hard. I wish that the world did not have this virus so I could see people smiling. 

Logan U.

You know, most of the time the first day is welcoming. When I first entered the school I did not bother to notice any changes, but then I realized it's different. I looked at every wall going from arrow to arrow. I am in for a crazy exciting year in 20-21. 

Austin R.

One big difference this year is that everyone must wear a mask. Another big difference is that we have to social distance this is weird because it is not normal to not be near your friends and hang out.

Alex C. 

When I went to school on the first day it looked a lot different then what school looked like last year. This year people have to stay six feet away and wear mask around the building, last year you were able to go around the school without wearing mask and we didn't have to stay six feet away. I do like seeing my friend though. 

Iris S. 

On the first day of school, things changed a lot. Everyone was 6 feet apart with mask's on, normally everyone is in groups talking. Desk were moved and hand sanitizer stations were outside every class. 

Wyatt E.

The first thing that is new is that everyone had to wear masks, have hand sanitizer, and have different classes in the AM or PM or do it remotely, but it  was nice to see everyone has the determination to work together and be make our school safer and better for all.

Sarah H.

Some of the things that are the same is that,we still have all of our classes in some form or other. The things that are different is that we must wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, and not everybody goes to school at the same time which makes me miss my friends. 

Jonathan B.

First thing that was normal was being at finally being in the school building. I difference for me is getting used to the blue and white day schedules. 

Jacob O.

One thing that was different is we must wear masks. One thing that is the same is we get to move throughout the building for our classes.

James A.

One thing that is normal is being able to talk to my friends, and the difference of is wearing a face mask; and staying six feet apart.

Samuel N.

What is the same is I get to see people in person, but what is different is everyone is wearing a mask, and we have to walk in different hallways then what we would mostly use to as a 6th grader.

Addison M.

One thing that I noticed that was different was that everyone must wear a mask and use hand sanitizer prior to entering all our classes. I do like that we still switch classes and have some of the same teachers in the building as last year. 

Kegan M. 

One thing that has changed is that we all must stay six feet apart and must wear a face mask. One thing that is that same from last year was that we all go to class in person which I enjoy even with a mask on. 

Band Announcement

Welcome back band students of America!  To make sure that we are able to play our instruments in the safest way possible, band will be taught virtually.  There are a lot of neat programs and experiences we will be exploring as we navigate the online music world.  Although we have not scheduled traditional concerts, we will be putting together virtual performances from the safety of our own homes.  We will be able to play together thanks to new and innovative online platforms and software that have been developed in recent months.

Band students need to make sure to check their email and their band Google Classroom for updates about the band program--we will get underway shortly!  Remember, together we can do virtually anything!

Mrs. Sartori